• An ASGA bag tag.
  • 18 ID labels for golf clubs.
  • Monthly club newsletter(American Single Golfer)
  • An ASGA membership card.
  • Membership roster, updated monthly.
  • Chapter management tools, such as Chapter Management Manual, sign-in sheets, outing sign-ups, applications, etc.
  • National headquarters toll free number(1-888-GOLFMATE)
  • Web Site at
  • Opportunity to play in multi-chapter golf tournaments, weekend get-aways, etc.
  • Meet other singles in other cities.



  • Have fun and make new friends.
  • Each chapter should establish a 50-50 balance between golf activities and social activities. We don't want exclusive"golf" clubs, nor do we wish to party all the time and watch golf on TV. Each chapter should announce upcoming events at each monthly membership meeting.
  • USGA" Rules of Golf" govern all golf play. Golf etiquette should be emphasized with established and new golfers.
  • Social etiquette should be observed as well. Members pressuring other members creates an intimidating environment. ASGA will not hesitate to revoke membership privileges if a problem persists.
  • Rosters are printed and circulated for the benefit of it's members. They are not to be used for commercial or business purposes.
  • We are guests of the golf courses we play. Your singles golf chapter should uphold the highest reputation with the local pro and managers. Repair green and fairway divots and respect the wishes of the ranger. Stay up with the group ahead of you. If you feel uncertain about your golf game, "socialize" with some of your fellow members by meeting at a local driving range. The golf course is not the place to learn to hit the ball.
  • While not required, you are expected to volunteer to help out with some of the clubs activities. We understand some people have more time available, but if you have time to play golf, you have some time to help organize events.
  • When making tee times for yourself and friends within your chapter, do so in your name not the club's name. When committiing to play in a club outing, always call well ahead of time if you cannot make the outing (or you may be charged for a "no show" if your chapter is charged by the golf establishment), If you cancel, try to find a substitute player.


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